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Company building area of ​?800 square meters , the use of superior product development talent. The company has passed BSCI and ISO demonstration. Main crafts, jelly window stickers , shock pads, insoles , pillows and GEL products and plastic products, especially GEL window stickers ( jelly window stickers ) is the company's strongest products, from cost-effective , it is very competitive , month production capacity of up to 200 million units. Division I is the first in Ningbo jelly window sticker production, through the European CE certification nontoxic , supply too Daiso , Wal-Mart , TARGET , etc., products are mainly sold in Europe and America big supermarket .

Company formation and development, production, marketing , planning train management model, marketing , branding, marketing management , marketing, planning and other aspects of the development of a comprehensive range of solutions . We are confident that the product on the market to seize our aspirations . Relying on technological innovation and adapt to the market as the Bank based in Ningbo , the development of national marketing network , and strive in the same industry and striving for first domestic brand.

Company mission : the use of science and technology, to the community to provide the best products and the best quality service .

Company key to success : science and technology innovation , dissemination , market development , service, quality and speed. Business philosophy: people-oriented, innovation and unlimited , superior quality, competitive co- participation in human management , human promotion .

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